Kaiser Permanente’s Research Bank Helping Change the Future of Health


The KP Research Bank is KP’s national program to create a comprehensive biobank collecting blood specimens, HealthConnect data, and health survey information from members who have formally consented to participate.

Researchers will apply to use this information to conduct health research. Research on breast cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, as well as many others, is already underway. All information received from consenting participants will be de-identified to protect member’s privacy. All KP members in every region, 18 years and older, are invited to participate. Currently 7,600 KPMAS members have joined, well on our way to our 20,000 total member goal.

Learn why one family joined the Research Bank here:

Members can participate in 3 steps:

  1. Visit www.kp.org/ResearchBank and click JOIN to sign a consent form.
  2. Complete the health survey online.
  3. Go to any KP clinic at any time to give a small blood sample.

If members have questions or concerns about the KP Research Bank, they can get more information by:

  • Visiting kp.org/ResearchBank
  • Emailing ResearchBank@kp.org
  • Calling toll-free 844-268-2947, Monday through Friday 11am – 9pm Eastern Time (8am-6pm Pacific, 9am – 7pm Mountain, 5am – 3pm Hawaii)

For KPMAS-specific questions or to learn how can you be part of this program, please contact:

Dr. Michael Horberg

Dr. Cabell Jonas

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