9-to-Thrive: 2018 Total Health Tour Kicks Off


The Total Health Tour kicked off on June 4th at our Abingdon location. Since then, we have brought the Tour to five locations throughout the Baltimore service area. In the last month, we have provided more than 100 employees with free health screenings and resources they need to live happier, healthier lives. The Mid-Atlantic Live Well Be Well Team teamed up with Healthy Workforce, LMP, FX Well, and the Mobile Health Vehicle Team to offer free onsite health screenings for Kaiser Permanente employees. The Mobile Health Vehicle Team nurses tested employees’ A1C levels, blood pressure, body mass indexes, and cholesterol. During the Tour, employees learned about their current health information, identifying any overdue vaccinations and medical screenings, such as mammograms.

In keeping with Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to total health, the Total Health Tours have featured representatives from FX Well and Burnalong. By providing Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians with tools to stay active and monitor their overall fitness, health, and nutrition, both FX Well and Burnalong are the perfect compliments to a holistic promotion of wellness. In addition to these excellent activity and fitness guides, the Live Well Be Well team supplements each onsite table display with healthy snacks and other goodies, including back massagers and resistance bands. While at Fulton, Robin W. stopped by the Live Well Be Well table to check out some of the incentives. After selecting one of our healthy snacks from our display in the break room, she exclaimed, “you know, I came here for a crumb cake, but I don’t need it.”

As we bring the Total Health Tour to more Kaiser Permanente buildings throughout the region, the feedback we have heard from Tour participants has been overwhelmingly positive. On one occasion, we heard from Ramona M., a call center employee, about how she lost 100 pounds while using the Go KP app. She praised the app for its ability to help anyone beginning a fitness journey or trying to meet specific goals by promoting goal-setting and activity tracking. Having recently had a baby, Ramona is also using resources on kp.org to help her stay accountable and connected with her doctors “to make sure everyone is on the same page” regarding her health.

The Live Well Be Well team has had a wonderful time experiencing the distinct energies and personalities that define each Mid-Atlantic States location. The expressions of pure joy from KP staff laughing and jumping around watching their coworkers and themselves doing Zumba in a break room, hula-hooping after a game of Connect Four, or even taking a moment for deep breaths while waiting for a yogurt parfait, are infectious. Directly experiencing everyone’s enthusiasm for health has been incredibly encouraging, and we are looking forward to bringing the Tour to many more locations in the coming months!

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