Thriving After 60 Reaches Larger Audience with Facebook Page


At Kaiser Permanente, we believe that regardless of age you can always find ways to thrive.

That’s why we created the Thriving After 60 Program, which provides a great way for members and non-members who are 60+ to attend no-cost health-focused workshops and seminars – as well as social events with a healthy twist.

The newest element of our Thriving After 60 Program is the Thriving After 60 Facebook page, which provides information about how 60+ members can be their healthiest. Please follow this link and join the Facebook page:

The Thriving After 60 workshops and seminars will take place in many of our medical centers throughout the region and provide attendees with tips on staying active and maintaining their health. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded new friends.

Click here to visit the Thriving After 60 registration site to register and sign up for updates.

We hope employees will share these opportunities with family and friends who are 60+. To get involved and volunteer, check KPCares to see the latest TA60 events. Please share this great program with members and non-members who may be interested in participating in upcoming Thriving After 60 events.

If you have any questions about the Thriving After 60 series, please contact Trudel Pare at

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