The Poetry of Care


Our members show appreciation for their care through their smiles and thank yous. Those tokens of kindness motivate and can mean the world to our employees who work hard everyday to ensure KPMAS members have the best experiences and outcomes possible.

Recently, a KPMAS member showed gratitude for her physician in a truly unique way–through poetry. Touched by the poem, her primary care physician responded in kind.

Take a moment to read their heartwarming and poetic exchange below.

From the Patient: 

I have an assortment of Permanente physicians
whose primary mission
is to contrive
to keep me alive
in reasonably healthy condition,
taking me on a pretty long run
to the age of 91,
with a surprisingly happy disposition.

From the Primary Care Physician:

L. Boldt, MD
Internal Medicine Department, Falls Church

We are a team,
a group of doctors who seem,
to continually strive,
to help you to thrive.

You and I, for 15 plus years,
have conquered some fears,
and prevented some ills,
with only a few pills,
and rarely a suture.
Best wishes for the future!


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