Taking the Pulse of the Clinical Excellence Social Media Campaign


By Jaclyn Seebsitt

As we announced last week, Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States has dramatically increased its presence on social media channels with the launch of a Clinical Excellence campaign designed to educate Mid-Atlantic audiences about our highly rated care. The Clinical Excellence launch focuses on cancer care, with additional areas of expertise, including maternity, cardiovascular, and more, to be added in the coming months.

Heidi Hayes video Twitter post

So now that our content is out for the world to see, how are we getting the word out, and how is the content performing? Check out some highlights below:

  • We have published nearly 10 Clinical Excellence posts over the last few weeks, including videos, text, and virtual tours of medical hubs.
  • All posts include links that drive traffic to the Clinical Excellence website, as well as sites that hold virtual tours and videos. The content is performing well, particularly the virtual tours and videos.
  • Two videos are performing particularly well. One is a video from our Medical Oncologist Dr. Pfaffenroth (144 likes and about 4,455 views), and the other is a video from our Medical Oncologist Dr. Leon Hwang (507 likes and about 215,000 views).
  • In addition to likes and views, comments on the videos have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, on Dr. Pfaffenroth’s video posted on Facebook, one commenter wrote, “So grateful God sent me to Dr. Pfaffenroth! I’m thriving because of her skill as a doctor. Thank you Lord!” On Dr. Hwang’s video, one commenter wrote, “I’m still alive with stage 4 cancer, because of what he explained in this video. Thank God for the awesome doctors and researchers in cancer treatment at Kaiser Permanente!”
Dr. Pfaffenroth video post on Facebook

The videos tell our story about how we’re bringing cutting-edge, personalized therapies with fewer side effects to our patients, how we’re leveraging robotic technology to perform less invasive operations, and how we’re offering patients options to participate in new clinical trials. In the video featuring Dr. Diljeet Singh, she talks about robotic laparoscopy in cancer treatment and its advantage of getting patients back on their feet more quickly and significantly reducing risks for surgical complications. Dr. Pfaffenroth talks about using a novel treatment on a patient who had colon cancer and said, “After one treatment, he perked up, and by the third treatment, he was renovating his house and was out going on trips. Although I didn’t cure him, I gave him a great deal of time, a very good quality of life. It’s practicing medicine in its purest form.”

Dr. Hwang video post on LinkedIn

Dr. Hwang’s video discusses how we’re bringing science to patients through innovative therapies. “All of my patients have been surprised at how easy the therapies are now and how they’re able to continue living their lives the way they want to live their lives. I have patients who have finished their bucket lists and are wondering what to do next,” he said in the video. One of Dr. Hwang’s patients, Heidi Hayes, also shared her story about how she was able to quickly move through her successful breast cancer treatment because of our integrated care model. Find all of the videos and more at excellence-midatlantic.kaiserpermanente.org.

We hope you’ll continue to stay up to date on our clinical excellence work by visiting our clinical excellence website and following our social media accounts on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. We also encourage all employees to share what they see with their personal networks. Stay tuned over the next few months for upcoming phases of the campaign that will focus on additional areas of expertise, including maternity, cardiovascular, and more.

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