KPMAS Sponsors Research About Millennials in the Washington, DC Area


Can the Washington, D.C., area keep the spark alive in the relationship it’s built with the millennial workforce? Or will it fizzle out? This year’s Millennial Index research, sponsored by KPMAS, focused on answering these questions.

For the third year, KPMAS supported the Millennial Index, which assesses how well this area delivers on what Millennials look for in a place to live and work. Researchers considered 33 factors in this study – including, but not limited to, housing affordability, school quality, recreational opportunity, commute time, and transit options, including a well-functioning Metro system.

The Washington, D.C., area continues to be the second-most desirable U.S. locale for millennials, behind San Francisco and ahead of Boston, New York, Seattle and Denver.

DeLinda Washington, vice president of Human Resources at KPMAS, participated on a Facebook Live panel to announce the results and share best practices for understanding and supporting millennials in the workforce.

The Millennial Index is one of many ways that KPMAS shows its commitment to advancing clinical care and supporting innovation and diversity in the healthcare industry.

The Millennial Index is compiled by American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Check out some highlights from the report below. You can also read the entire report here.

Highlights from the Millennial Index

  • For the third year in a row, the greater Washington area scored well above average in attractiveness to Millennials, moving up slightly to 127%, which is 27% above the national average across the 33 factors we measured.
  • The region continues to shine on jobs and salaries, the most important criteria Millennials use when deciding where to live and work.
  • With great amenities like museums, restaurants, public transportation and easy travel to other cities, Washington continues to be an attractive option to Millennials looking for a place to start or continue their careers.
  • Compared to the top 20 metropolitan areas in the country, Washington maintained its number two spot behind San Francisco despite huge gains made by both Seattle and Denver this year.
  • Washington area Millennials have consistently shown concern over the three C’s – costs, commutes and crime – a concern that increases as they move from their carefree, career-focused single days to a more settled-down life with a family, a mortgage, and childcare payments.
  • Millennials now have more choices for their next career move, and many of those currently living in the Washington area are itching to go somewhere else — seeking warmer weather, better affordability, and fewer crowds, or somewhere in the mountains or near a beach, with a bigger entertainment scene, or just closer to home.
  • At the same time, Millennials are steadily approaching middle age (the oldest Millennials are now 37) and slowly shifting their priorities from career to family, from amenities to savings.

Millennial Index: Top 20 Cities

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