Honoring Our Veterans

Darnell Everett receives his challenge coin from Joan Gelrud, Vice President, Quality, Regulatory, and Risk Management

This month, in honor of Veterans Day and to recognize all of the amazing veterans we are honored to work alongside, KPMAS leaders are expressing their gratitude with a special token of appreciation. Throughout this month, all KPMAS veterans who have self-identified to HR will receive a special commemorative challenge coin thanking them for their service (see image of coin above).

In the military, challenge coins have unit insignia or commander/senior non-commissioned officer rank on them and are handed out by Commanders for immediate recognition of excellence, or they are often handed out by General Officers for impressive conduct or duty. We at KP chose to design and distribute our own challenge coin to recognize the exceptional service of veterans who are part of our KPMAS family.

If you are a veteran who hasn’t yet self-identified, we encourage you to do so by updating your veteran status with HR so that you can receive your coin. We thank all veterans for their valor and service. Check out the Veterans Day message from our regional leaders on the InsideKP Leadership Corner here.

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