Congratulations to 2020 Wellness Champion Award Winners


The 2020 MAS Wellness Champion Award recognizes wellness champions who help cultivate a culture of health and well-being. Along with their primary job responsibilities, they positively affect their workplace community and environment, by identifying innovative ways to integrate and promote well-being in the workplace.

Employee well-being at Kaiser Permanente is expanding beyond wellness to include a more holistic approach of mind, body and spirit. Well-being covers six key areas – Physical Health and Safety; Mental Health and Wellness; Healthy Relationships; Community Involvement; Career Wellness; and Financial Wellness. The Wellness Champion Awards seek to recognize champions who excel in fostering and promoting well-being in any of these six areas at their facilities.

Recognition is awarded to those who:

  • Design an innovative approach to achieve well-being goals
  • Are role models for well-being and encourage others to take care of themselves
  • Build a culture of well-being in their workplace

Below are the top six wellness champions who were either self-nominated or nominated by KP colleagues to be recognized for their outstanding contribution to workforce well-being at Kaiser Permanente. They were recognized during the monthly wellness champion call as well as presented an acrylic award for their achievements.

Ann Sabiniano at White Marsh & Abingdon 

Congratulations to Ann Sabiniano for being the recipient of the 2020 Wellness Champion Award for the “Most Active Wellness Champion!”

Ann held the most activities with White Marsh leading with 33 activities and Abingdon following with 30 activities. She was a passionate leader and advocator for LWBW material and promotions. She was a very active champion, joining almost all monthly social networking calls, participating in virtual workout classes and thrive breaks. Some events Ann held or promoted at both locations include, but not limited to senior meal distributions, BurnAlong wellness happy hour and March Mania challenge, Yoga 4 All, Go KP Work of Art campaign, Vanguard and Wells Fargo financial webinars, skin and management webinar, and DeVry educational benefits webinar. She participated in all of the KP dance parties including Thriller Dance party and Dance Palooza. She encouraged the staff at both facilities to speak up and provide feedback on health and wellness programs, which helped Ann to better assist and provide the staff with the appropriate well-being approach.

Annie Phu at Regional Office  

Congratulations to Annie Phu for being the recipient of the 2020 Wellness Champion Award for the “Most Effective Remote Virtual Wellness Champion!”

Annie has been the most active champion working from home, promoting 15 activities and events to Regional Office employees. She has promoted the Corporate Fitness Works virtual workout classes and mini thrive breaks led by the Healthy Workforce Committee. She leads by example and joins all virtual classes, webinars, happy hours, etc. When Wafa was out on PTO, Annie stepped in and worked alongside the Wells Fargo team to make sure financial wellness webinars ran smoothly, as well as managed the chat box. Annie is a very responsible and supportive champion to the LWBW team and the other wellness champions. She is always first to respond to LWBW emails, participate during the monthly wellness champion call, provide constructive feedback, and be available to assist in any way possible. Annie and Yasha Ghamarian were very generous to use their Regional Office LWBW budget to raffle gift items from the KP brand store for those participating in the virtual workout classes, expanding the opportunity to all KP employees in MAS. Since then, we have increased employee engagement and participation to the virtual workouts and thrive breaks.

Armenia Brown at South Baltimore 

Congratulations to Armenia Brown for being the recipient of the 2020 Wellness Champion Award for having the “Strongest Partnership and Collaboration as a Wellness Champion!”

2020 was Armenia’s first year involved as an official wellness champion, and despite the pandemic and supporting a busy hub at South Baltimore, she exceeded each of the recommended activities per subgroup area with 22 events. This took thinking outside the box i.e. social distancing line to get a boost your mood smoothie to provide energy and engagement in a positive way during a stressful time. She partnered with BurnAlong to showcase the new digital platform during the smoothie social distancing event to encourage exercising and staying active. She also arranged several outdoor healthy activities that allow employees to safely participate and be active, yet still practice social distancing guidelines. Armenia is a great collaborator and fully understands the pulse at South Baltimore, which allowed her to create a complete wellness program for employees to participate in.

Dominique Bivens at Colonial Forge

Congratulations to Dominique Bivens for being the recipient of the 2020 Wellness Champion Award for being the “Most Innovative, Creative, and Engaging Wellness Champion!

Dominique has created a great culture of health at Colonial Forge by implementing all the six key areas of the LWBW program. Dominique is a great role model for healthy living and a great mental health advocate.

While following her own weight loss journey, she encourages KP employees to be active and eat healthy by hosting and promoting 30 activities in 2020. Dominique created COVID Bingo for the staff, a Smoothie Social-Distance, a Candy Apple Bar, and she provided red name badge holders for clinical staff who couldn’t change their attire for National Wear Red Day. Dominique strives to bring smiles to the workplace and is always finding creative ways to bring everyone together. She spreads health and wellness promotions via ongoing communication, activities, flyers and rounding the building encouraging employees and the physicians to utilize all the platforms, events, and activities. Dominique stated, “Joining LWBW has not only helped my professional growth but personal too, and I have found the purpose God has for me. This has inspired me to pursue a certification as a Life Coach and become certified in mental and health wellness along with a Bachelor’s degree. I thank the whole LWBW corporation for this opportunity and a special shutout to Wafa Taher! Without the LWBW team, I would not have found my purpose in life and I truly thank you!”

Luz Veizaga at Shady Grove

Congratulations to Luz Veizaga for being the recipient of the 2020 Wellness Champion Award for having the “Most Impact in Engagement, Participation Rate, and Outcome as a Wellness Champion”!

Due to the pandemic and major transitions with KP staff, Luz supported both Shady Grove and Kensington to the best of her abilities. The two current champions at Kensington are new to the role and Luz was able to support the champions and the staff to increase engagement and participation. Luz held a total of 16 events and/or activities at both facilities. Luz engaged Strayer University, Ben Hudnall, the Prince Georges County community, the National Institute of Health, Wells Fargo, and Costco to create programs and events that fit the six core components of LWBW. She constantly promoted ESPYR, employee support groups for mental and behavioral health programs. Luz utilized the budget accurately and effectively for the staff to increase engagement and indulge in healthier habits.

Nyssa Main at Frederick

Congratulations to Nyssa Main for being the recipient of the 2020 Wellness Champion Award for having the “Most Workforce Well-being Influence in the Work Environment as a Wellness Champion!”

Nyssa was the only champion at Frederick in 2020, supporting KP employees during a pandemic and a challenging year. Nyssa held 27 activities in 2020 and has exceeded the two minimum activities per the 6 core components of well-being. She is very responsive to the LWBW team, along with the staff at Frederick. She utilized the budget accurately and effectively for the staff to increase engagement and indulge in healthier habits. Some of the events and/or activities Nyssa held include, but not limited to: Winter Wellness Festival, where she created a team zoom gathering to open with a meditation session provided by BurnAlong, followed by a Healthy Living Trivia game. She also created a Healthy Recipe Board located in the employee lounge where staff can post and share healthy recipes with each other. She has promoted all LWBW events/activities and utilized all the LWBW platforms and vendors to create a healthier holistic approach to well-being.

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