Annapolis Medical Center Helps Rebuild Lives for the Homeless


By Brooke Ballenger

regg2The Kaiser Permanente Annapolis Medical Center not only shows compassion to their patients, but also to those struggling in the community around them. On Monday, July 18th, the Annapolis Medical Center began a week-long food drive for items to be donated to an organization called Light House.

Light House is a homeless prevention support center located in Annapolis, Maryland. Their mission is to rebuild lives by providing shelters and programs to prevent homelessness and empower people as they transition toward employment, housing, and self-sufficiency. The programs offered include counseling and referral services, basic life skills, and wellness and job training programs to help people get on the right track.reg1

The Annapolis Medical Center posted flyers and sent out individual invitations prior to the week of their food drive so people were well aware of the event. Boxes were placed in the lunchroom for anyone to stop by and donate food. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Obstetrics/Gynecology Nurse at the Annapolis Medical Center, stated, “We had lots of enthusiasm and participation. Our boxes were overflowing with good food to be donated.”

The Annapolis Medical Center has been involved with Light House for many years. They have participated in previous events such as holding a Thanksgiving food drive, donating suits and professional clothing for their job training programs, and many more.

Thanks to their compassion and generosity, the Annapolis Medical Center plays a significant role in allowing those in need to reclaim their lives. The Light House is always in need of more volunteers and donations. To learn more and get involved, visit their website here and make a difference today.

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