2016 World AIDS Day: Focusing on Awareness, Education, and Prevention


By Jaclyn Seebsitt

wadpic2It’s been 35 years since the first reported cases of what would come to be known as HIV/AIDS, with more than 36.7 million people currently living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, including 1.2 million in the United States. Did you know that today, as compared to the general population, Kaiser Permanente members and patients with HIV/AIDS are generally diagnosed earlier, have higher levels of adherence to their medications and have lower mortality rates?

That’s why it makes sense that for the second year in a row, Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States hosted a region-wide World AIDS Day event on December 1, to help raise awareness about HIV prevention and increase education about HIV disease and the fight against it. We’d like to thank all of the physicians and staff across the region whose hard work and dedication to our members made this event a success. See a full list of the key staff members who made this happen below.

At our Largo, Capitol Hill, Baltimore Harbor, and Tysons Corner Medical Centers, we offered convenient, no-appointment-needed (and no cost for members) HIV screenings, informational booths, and educational seminars to generate dialogue about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. The educational seminars were open to anyone who wanted to learn more about HIV/AIDS in a comfortable, open dialogue setting with discussion driven by the attendees. Here are some other highlights from the event:

  • At Tysons Corner, more than 40 patients participated in a Rapid HIV Test Pilot, which included consultation with one of our infectious disease physicians and quick results. The test is currently unavailable in KPMAS, but the pilot will help us in future efforts to make it available to members beyond World AIDS Day.
  • Based on feedback from last year’s event, satellite phlebotomy stations were set up at Capitol Hill and Largo to allow more members to be tested more quickly.
  • Baltimore Harbor was a new location chosen (instead of South Baltimore) for this year to engage more members in primary care.

wadpic3Overall, the event was a success and we’re looking forward to next year. But what happens after World AIDS Day? “We are proud of the integrated HIV care we provide in MAPMG and KPMAS.  Once a patient is identified as HIV-positive in KPMAS, we get them into our HIV care QUICKLY and comprehensively; getting them the preventive care they need, onto correct HIV medicine (with financial assistance as required) and helping them be safe and thrive,” said Dr. Michael Horberg, Executive Director, Research, Community Benefit, and Medicaid Strategy, Infectious Diseases Physician. Read more about Kaiser Permanente’s efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the history of the disease on Kaiser Permanente Share.

Check out some photos below of our employees at the events across the region. Thank you again to all of our staff and physicians whose dedication to our members made World AIDS Day a success:



Dr. Michael Horberg, Executive Director, Research, Community Benefit, and Medicaid Strategy, Infectious Diseases Physician, and Executive sponsor for Kaiser Permanente World AIDS Day

Dr. Peter Kadlecik, Chief, Infectious Diseases

Dr. Saadia Griffith-Howard, Associate Medical Director & Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr. Anuradha Subramanian, Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr. Charles Levy, Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr. Faria Farhat, Infectious Diseases Physician

Karen Rudat, Infectious Diseases Clinical Operations Manager (COM)

Sholara Williams, Infectious Diseases RN

Jennifer Fair-Harrison, Infectious Diseases RN

Pearl Seals, Infectious Diseases Clinical Assistant

Patience Che, Infectious Diseases Clinical Assistant

Lily Jarrett, Executive Consultant, Strategic Program Design and Implementation, MAPMG

Libby Crawford, KP Thrive Ambassador

Paula Davis, KP Thrive Ambassador

Jackie Blank, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute Director, Research Analytics and Data Development



Dr. David Yoho, Chief, Infectious Diseases

Dr. Nhat Doan, Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr. Ligia Pic-Aluas, Infectious Diseases Physician

Lisa Gebhardt, Infectious Diseases COM

Jayluz Arandia, Infectious Diseases RN

Kate Wilkowski, Infectious Diseases Clinical Assistant

Ayanna Wells, KP Health Education Consultant

Donna Fox, KP Thrive Ambassador

Lisa Seely, KP Thrive Ambassador



Dr. Metti Kanno, Lead Physician, Infectious Diseases

Dr. Mona Gahunia, Associate Medical Director & Infectious Diseases Physician

Holly Dawsey, Psychotherapist

Kim Phelps, Medical Social Worker, Complex Case Management

Arlene Weber, Infectious Diseases COM

Tiffany Reaves, Infectious Diseases Clinical Assistant

Kathia Miles, KP Thrive Ambassador

Debra Morehouse, KP Thrive Ambassador



Cheryl Ward, Director, Regional Lab Services

Dr. Ginnie Beyer, Chief Department of Pathology and Laboratory

Adetoun Ejilemele, Clinical Laboratory & Technical Consultant

Joe Wheeler, Laboratory Operations Manager, DCSM

Chris Burke, Laboratory Operations Manager, Baltimore Service Area

Carmen Lane, Laboratory Supervisor, Tyson Corner and Falls Church Medical Centers



Jane Edwards, Director, Brand Engagement and Corporate Events

Martha Tesfaye, Manager, Enrollment and Sales Event Support


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