138 MAPMG Physicians Named ‘Top Doctors’ by Virginia Living Magazine


Congratulations to our 138 MAPMG physicians recognized in the April 2019 “Top Doctors” edition of the Virginia Living magazine.

Virginia Living’s Top Doctors 2019 is a comprehensive guide to over 1,000 of Virginia’s best medical professionals, nominated by their peers in the field. After partnering with a software and research company specializing in data collection, a research campaign was conducted consisting of a peer-voting process, and the referencing of various government and public sources. From this, Virginia Living created a composite score for each doctor, factoring in frequency of nomination, years of experience, and Board certification.

Your representation of Kaiser Permanente is inspiring, and your skills and care is recognized throughout the region, including by your peers. We would also like to thank every MAPMG physician and staff member for their relentless dedication to providing care to our members. As a result, we are able to boast of countless public recognitions, including that by Virginia Living magazine.

Our 138 physicians recognized this year is a substantial increase from 2018 when 18 MAPMG physicians were named as Top Doctors. See the full list below.

Name Nominated in Medical Center
Joseph Tasosa Addiction Medicine Falls Church
Lauren Grawert Addiction Medicine Falls Church
Patricia McNally Allergy & Immunology Tysons Corner
Stephen Scranton Allergy & Immunology Springfield
Troy Baker Allergy & Immunology Springfield
Meredith Heltzer Allergy & Immunology Tysons Corner
Kristina Poller Anesthesiology Tysons Corner
Kenneth Waters Anesthesiology Tysons Corner
Christopher Nelson Anesthesiology Tysons Corner
John Santiago Anesthesiology Tysons Corner
Linda Cardinal Breast Cancer Surgery Tysons Corner
Benjamin Galper Cardiology Tysons Corner
John Golden Cardiology Tysons Corner
Ameya Kulkarni Cardiology Tysons Corner
Sudip Saha Cardiology Tysons Corner
Yaning Liu Cardiology Tysons Corner
Irfan Rizvi Colon & Rectal Surgery Tysons Corner
Julia Sone Colon & Rectal Surgery Springfield
Kristin Cam Dermatology Falls Church
Kurt Wenk Dermatology Springfield
Margaret Kopelman Dermatology Reston
Mark Naftanel Dermatology Falls Church
Paul Bujanauskas Dermatology Falls Church
Randa Khoury Dermatology Springfield
Artur Treyster Emergency Medicine Tysons Corner
Dennis Truong Emergency Medicine Tysons Corner
Sherry Cipriano Emergency Medicine Woodbridge
Praveen Kache Emergency Medicine Tysons Corner
Daniella Hines Endocrinology Falls Church
Deepak Kashyap Endocrinology Springfield
Lida Tabatabaeian Endocrinology Falls Church
Ayse Turgut Family Medicine Falls Church
Cassandra Sims Family Medicine Falls Church
Daniel Harris Family Medicine Springfield
Bruce Awad Family Medicine Falls Church
Nagui Saleh Family Medicine Burke
Lora Mackie Family Medicine Ashburn
Amy Lin Gastroenterology Falls Church
Eric Wollins Gastroenterology Falls Church
Alexander Jow Gastroenterology Springfield
Stanley Drake Gastroenterology Falls Church
Margaret Schwiesow Gastroenterology Springfield
Gao Chen General Surgery Fair Oaks
Jenny Hong General Surgery Tysons Corner
Sonya Krolik General Surgery Springfield
Chaitanya Mangalmurti General Surgery Fair Oaks
Angela Hsu Geriatric Medicine Springfield
Diljeet Singh Gynecologic Oncology Tysons Corner
Nikhil Oak Hand Surgery Springfield
Swati Shirali Hand Surgery Fair Oaks
Jeffrey Kin Hospice and Palliative Medicine Virginia Hospital Center
Amit Suri Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Christopher Della-Santina Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Jane Lee Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Jessica Hunt Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Ravinder Chawla Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Somashekar Rao Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Alice Lee Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
Surinder Singh Hospitalist Virginia Hospital Center
David Yoho Infectious Diseases Springfield
Ligia Pic-Aluas Infectious Diseases Springfield
Nhat Doan Infectious Diseases Springfield
Hoang-An Nguyen Internal Medicine Ashburn
Summer Abdel-Megeed Internal Medicine Tysons Corner
Holly Batal Internal Medicine Springfield
Jonas Wiltz Internal Medicine Falls Church
Leigh Boldt Internal Medicine Falls Church
Rachel Burchard Internal Medicine Woodbridge
Vincent Chen Internal Medicine Springfield
Marie Huynh Internal Medicine Burke
Dana Marzilli Maternal and Fetal Medicine Tysons Corner
Kristin Knight Maternal and Fetal Medicine Tysons Corner
Ronaldo Mayuga Nephrology Tysons Corner
Vasudha Narayana Nephrology Tysons Corner
David Lipps Neurology Tysons Corner
Harman Bajwa Neurology Springfield
Hilary Newgen Neurology Tysons Corner
Geannie Bennett Obstetrics and Gynecology Reston
Amy Banulis Obstetrics and Gynecology Falls Church
Chi-Tsui Liang Obstetrics and Gynecology Falls Church
Deirdre Kato Obstetrics and Gynecology Falls Church
Hania Qutub Obstetrics and Gynecology Falls Church
Mark Tretiak Obstetrics and Gynecology Tysons Corner
Nahed Ezmerli Obstetrics and Gynecology Springfield
Stella Blosser Obstetrics and Gynecology Burke
Anna Childson Obstetrics and Gynecology Falls Church
Neeta Ahuja Oncology Burke
Alyosius Pereira Oncology Tysons Corner
Renee Funches Oncology Burke
Ali Khorrami Ophthalmology Tysons Corner
David Chu Ophthalmology Tysons Corner
Jonathan Kruger Ophthalmology Springfield
Minh-Phuong Doan Ophthalmology Fair Oaks
Anthony Ho Orthopaedic Surgery Springfield
Donald Saroff Orthopaedic Surgery Tysons Corner
Leah Schulte Orthopaedic Surgery Springfield
Michael O’Reilly Orthopedic Surgery Springfield
Edward Tsong Otolaryngology Tysons Corner
Thuy-Anh Melvin Otolaryngology Tysons Corner
Neil Stern Otolaryngology Tysons Corner
Noah Meltzer Otolaryngology Tysons Corner
Shankar Sridhara Otolaryngology Tysons Corner
Takeo Kasumi Pain Management Tysons Corner
Prashanth Mally Pain Management Tysons Corner
Sharat Narayanan Pain Management Tysons Corner
Abha Saha Pediatrics Tysons Corner
Brent Thibodeaux Pediatrics Reston
Gina Courtney Pediatrics Springfield
Gita Reddy Pediatrics Falls Church
Pemmaraju Dakin Pediatrics Falls Church
Pupi Demissie Pediatrics Falls Church
Zoya Tirmizi Pediatrics Tysons Corner
Spencer Tseng Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Tysons Corner
Chun Rhim Plastic Surgery Tysons Corner
William Epps Plastic Surgery Tysons Corner
Christopher Walters Podiatry Fair Oaks
Daniel Short Podiatry Springfield
Eleanor Wilson Podiatry Springfield
Mark Miller Podiatry Tysons Corner
Robert Grandinetti Podiatry Fair Oaks
Ryan Ahalt Podiatry Tysons Corner
Allison Tweedie Psychiatry Burke
Brian Hernandez Psychiatry Burke
Christine Chiao Psychiatry Burke
Humaira Siddiqi Psychiatry Burke
Kristie Mitchell Psychiatry Woodbridge
Eileen Hsu Pulmonology Tysons Corner
Omar Javery Radiology Falls Church
Shashi Ranganath Radiology Tysons Corner
Michael Stone Radiology Tysons Corner
Vivek Mathur Radiology Tysons Corner
Mala Mehta Rheumatology Falls Church
Nora Taylor Rheumatology Springfield
Daoud Dajani Urology Tysons Corner
Steven Guarnaccia Urology Tysons Corner
Tiffany Sotelo Urology Fair Oaks
Timothy Kim Urology Tysons Corner
Shyam Krishnan Vascular Surgery Tysons Corner

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