Thank You, KPMAS Employees, for Opposing Virginia Legislation That Would Harm Our Mission


A special thank you to all KPMAS employees who participated in a voluntary effort to oppose legislation in Virginia that would harm nonprofit HMOs, including Kaiser Permanente, and our members. We greatly appreciate the messages you sent Virginia lawmakers via email, phone, and social media to express your concerns with this problematic legislation.

Unfortunately, the state Senate has now passed the bill, which would force nonprofit HMOs to pay an assessment to cover the costs of future bankruptcies of long-term care insurance companies. We believe this legislation could ultimately result in increased premiums for our members.

As KPMAS President Kim Horn noted in a recent message, employees can stay up-to-date on this and other public policy issues that affect our members, communities, and nation by joining KP Voice. Visit and click Sign Up.

Through this voluntary program, you can get involved in the advocacy issues that will help Kaiser Permanente fulfill its mission of providing high-quality, affordable health care. Advocacy also plays a significant role in Our Shared Agenda, which is why it’s so important for employees to get involved and make their voices heard. Thank you, again, for doing your part.

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