Stories from Our Nurses: Thao Nellis


Commitment to Health and Wellness

“I would like to recognize the amazing nursing staff at the Largo ASC. I work with a group of highly respected, talented, and educated team of nurses. Many of us have worked together for several years predating Kaiser Permanente. The nurse I would like to especially recognize out of this wonderful group is Thao Nellis. Thao has been a PACU nurse for many years. Thao holds an MSN and is CPAN certified, one of the hardest nursing certifications to obtain. Thao loves health and fitness. It is evidenced by her commitment to all the healthy challenges that she encourages the staff to participate in that have been sponsored by KP. Thao has been dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Largo staff. One of the many projects that she has partnered with other staff to work on include: The Hydration Station, Lunch break Walks, and Healthy Potluck competitions. Thao’s commitment to improving the health and wellness of her coworkers has an added benefit to the Kaiser patients because we can teach the patients exactly how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets, how to get more water intake throughout the day, and the importance of exercise. Thao is a role model to the nursing community and we are lucky to have her here with us at the Largo ASC.”

Chrystal McIntyre
Ambulatory Surgery Center, Largo Health Center

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