Stories from Our Nurses: Kateryna Koshlaba


A Hand to Hold and a Shoulder to Cry On

“Many people think that the Oncology field is sad, but many times it can be very rewarding and inspiring. During a lengthy period, the Oncology department in Woodlawn had a member who was battling cancer and unfortunately passed away. Each nurse was touched by this patient in one way or another. This member made everyone laugh including the other members who were getting treatment. The member’s daughter who came to the appointments with the member had a very hard time grieving. One day, she came to the department crying and not knowing what to do. Her family was not very supportive, and she needed a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. During her 2-hour stay, each nurse in our department spent time with the daughter; cried with her, comforted her and gave her support. Yes, nurses do cry; nurses have raw emotions and grieve just like everyone else. The daughter stated that even though Oncology Department is not her favorite place, she knew she would get the support and understanding she needed. This shows that nurses do so much more than give out medications. We inspire people to keep them going and keep living and loving their precious lives. The daughter left our department feeling loved. The team felt rewarded and honored knowing that they have been able to touch not only the member but her daughter as well, through the support and love they provided during such difficult time.”

Kateryna Koshlaba
Oncology, Woodlawn Medical Center

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