Newborn Care Center to Launch November 14


We are excited to announce that the Newborn Care Center (NCC) launching November 14 is an enhanced program with dedicated support staff to offer lactation and newborn care services to KP members. The NCC’s goal is to improve coordination of care and provide educational opportunities for parents concerning nutrition and breastfeeding beginning in the first trimester and continuing through post-delivery care of newborn. The program offers enhanced office visits for newborns 24-72 hours after discharge by a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Newborn Care visits and Lactation Initial Lactation consults will be available via e-Consult; Lactation Follow-up visits will be available via KPHC. IBCLC’s will offer these appointments on a modified schedule at the following locations on this PDF. We will continue to provide updates as we add locations and new staff are onboarded. For additional questions, please email or

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