New KPHC Smartform Helps Provide Culturally Appropriate Care for Transgender Patients


In KPMAS, there are more than 460 patients in the transgender registry, which launched in early Quarter 2 2017. Of these patients, 164 (35 percent) of the patients have organ inventory completed.  In other words, we have an opportunity to capture this important information on the remaining 65 percent of the population.

To help the clinician and health care team,  the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, or SOGI, Smartform was created (see screenshot on right).  This is now front and center in the screenings section of the Visit Navigator and can help providers document appropriately important data for the member’s preventative care. The goal is to ensure that 100% of our new transgender patients have the SOGI data completed within 30 days of care establishment.

Dr. Sangeeta Iyer says: “The SOGI tool has finally arrived after four years in the making and is a great way for the whole health care team to make our transgender patients feel comfortable in the Kaiser Permanente system. By completing this for our patients that identify as transgender, we (as in specialists, primary care and ancillary staff) will not only address our patients by the pronouns they use but also appropriately screen them for any cancer because we are able to take an inventory of the organs they have. With the preferred name option in KP HealthConnect, MAPMG is leading the way to create an inclusive medical record that allows for targeted treatment within our diverse health care system.”

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