National Nurses Week 2018: Sharing Our Nurses’ Stories


To kick off the 2018 National Nurses Week celebration, Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States is proud to highlight nursing stories that reflect the extraordinary care our nurses provide for every patient, every time. We asked for nurses to submit their stories and will highlight the top six stories this week, beginning with an amazing story we received from a member about  Satta Samura, Shady Grove Endoscopy Nurse. Thank you, Satta, for going the extra mile for this member and her father in a time of need.

In the Face of Daunting News

“My father came in for a scheduled endoscopy in February with Dr. Szary. In the recovery area after the endoscopy procedure, Dr S. told my father and myself that the endoscopy showed abnormal cell growth in the esophagus that was likely cancer. Dr. S. said that in the next few days my father should have a follow up CT.

This was obviously difficult news and my father was having trouble absorbing the information as he was still recovering from anesthesia. I asked Dr. S. if the CT could take place immediately, even that evening, and he told me it was unlikely and we would have to call and schedule it when we got home.

During this conversation, a movement caught my eye at the desk in the recovery room. Ms. Samura, with whom I had not had prior contact, was waving me over and pointing to her telephone handset. She was on hold with scheduling at the Gaithersburg facility trying to get my father an immediate appointment for a CT. I’m assuming that this is a necessary part of the process that would have been for Dr. S to input the order for the CT. She took my telephone number and said to wait downstairs for her to call me about the appointment. We waited downstairs and she personally came down to tell me the relieving news that she was able to schedule a CT for that evening, and then she walked me to the pharmacy to make sure I was able to obtain the proper contrast. She gave me explicit instructions about the timing of the contrast doses and clear and specific directions to the Gaithersburg facility. I’m assuming that as part of obtaining the appointment, Ms. Samura also facilitated the input of orders from Dr. S.

In the face of this daunting news, Ms. Samura anticipated what would be best for my father and went out of her way to provide my father with excellent care. Ms. Satta Samura of Shady Grove Endoscopy Department has been on my mind ever since that day. Her humanistic and professional approach made an impactful impression on me.”

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