A Message from Joan Gelrud: Balancing the Mind, Body, and Spirit


Nurses Week is underway, and today we’re sharing a message from Joan Gelrud, Vice President, Quality, Regulatory, and Risk Management. Joan is also a Registered Nurse and wanted to share this message with our nursing staff to remind them to take time to care for themselves while they selflessly care for others.

Who knows the mind body spirit connection better than a nurse?  We are educated to care for all three parts of our patients and we live the connection every day.

What nurse cannot tell a host of stories that demonstrate the power of the mind, body and spirit connection from the interactions we have with our patients and their families?  We have the honor of providing care and support to millions of human beings in MAS in all three areas.

What nurse hasn’t looked at patients and seen the hope or despair in their hearts?  Who hasn’t seen the state of their physical beings, recognizing health, chronic and/or acute illness? Who hasn’t held the hand of the depressed, hugged the scared, rejoiced with the relieved, seeing into their minds with a just a glance?

We touch members’/patients’ minds, bodies and spirits each day and we are empowered by the feeling of making difference in the lives of others. But what of our minds, bodies and spirits?  Do we do for ourselves what we do for our patients, families and friends?  Sometimes we do not. Sometimes we do not because we are nurses, used to caring for others.

So during our week, and on Nurses’ Day, let’s think about what we can do for ourselves to be happy and healthy providers of care treatment and service to others. Let’s think about the power of our minds, bodies and spirits. Let’s move and exercise to let go of stress. Just 20 minutes/day can be life preserving for us! Let’s get involved in mindfulness, yoga or meditation to stay balanced and nourish our souls. Let’s eat the way we teach others to eat so our bodies can experience the joy of improved health.

Let’s role model what we teach so our families, our patients and communities can learn from what we say AND what we do. Join in the activities of Live Well Be Well programs, FX Well programs, classes and teaching activities. Let’s explore a Nursing Live Well Be Well challenge like the 20/20 challenge that recently took place throughout KPMAS. Let’s do it together…

Who’s in?

Joan L. Gelrud, RN, MSN, CPHQ, FACHE
Vice President, Quality, Regulatory, and Risk Management

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