Member of 74 Years Gets COVID-19 Vaccine Before 104th Birthday


We had a chance to connect with Dan Hall, a longtime KP member in Northern Virginia and his caseworker, Donna McAllister, an LCSW Palliative Care Coordinator.

Born in 1917, Dan is part of the Greatest Generation and he is leading the way again, by getting vaccinated. Dan turned 104 on February 21, and he received his second COVID-19 vaccine four days before that special birthday.  He is a huge fan of Kaiser Permanente and he has been a member for a very long time, dating back to when his company first offered coverage through Kaiser in 1947. He and his wife of more than 50 years continued to receive care for many years after. Over the years, he has developed some great relationships with our team members, and notes the kindnesses of now retired staff, like Dawn McKenna, RN, who brought him chicken dinners every week when his wife passed.

Dan recalls how frightening childhood viruses like Polio were and how it impacted so many healthy young, people. He felt that same worry when he heard about COVID-19, but everything changed when he learned a vaccine was available. Donna worked closely with him, to set up his appointment and to ensure Dan, had the opportunity to continue to stay well and to get vaccinated.

He loves his neighbors, a good sandwich and he believes that the care team at Kaiser helped him through this difficult isolating year, until he could get vaccinated. In fact, in his words, he will tell others who have not gotten vaccinated or might be unsure, “Don’t be afraid …get it as soon as you can.”

Thank you, Dan for your confidence in us. We wish you continued wellness and we thank you for your trust in KP over the years.

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