MAPMG Physician Featured as Expert in Everyday Health Article on Ear Infections


drterrisMid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG) is committed to hiring and retaining the highest quality physicians who are experts in their fields so that Kaiser Permanente employees and members can be confident they’re getting the best care possible. It also means others want to tap into our doctors’ expertise. We are excited to share that Everyday Health recently featured MAPMG chief of otolaryngology services in Washington, DC, and Suburban Maryland, Dr. Mark Terris, in the slideshow article, “7 Things That Can Increase Your Risk for Ear Infections”.

Although ear infections are very common during childhood, adults can get them, too. But ear infections aren’t all alike. Dr. Terris noted in the article that there are two types: an infection of the outer ear canal (otitis externa) that’s commonly called “swimmer’s ear,” and inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media). The slide show delves into several different causes of ear infections, such as cold weather, injury to the ear, altitude changes, and others. View the entire slide show here.

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