Land Purchased for Future Medical Center in Aspen Hill Area


KPMAS has purchased 10.4 acres of land at 13900 Connecticut Avenue in the Aspen Hill Area of Montgomery County, MD. We plan to build a new medical center that will open in 2022.

We want to provide the best experience for our members. We will build state-of-the art facilities in convenient locations, we will create a beautiful space where members receive, and physicians and caregivers provide, great care and service. This new medical center at Aspen Hill will help us do that and more.

We currently have 7 facilities in Montgomery County. We have four medical centers (Kensington, Silver Spring, Shady Gove, and Gaithersburg) and three buildings supporting the organization (Regional Lab, Regional Office, and the Burtonsville Warehouse). With the addition of Aspen Hill, we will provide even more convenient access for our existing patients and growing membership.

While plans are not yet final, we do know that the Aspen Hill facility will play a critical role in shifting some volume from our Kensington Medical Center. This new site will improve the member experience.

And, there is more to come in our DCSM service area. We recently published an update here with more details on what’s happening around DCSM, including the new medical center in Bowie that will open next year. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

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