KPMAS Director Wins National Kaiser Permanente Outstanding Nurse Leader Award

From left: Jackie Haymon, Regional Director, Patient Care Services; Glenton Atwell, Regional Manager, Employee Health; and Betty Rice

Kaiser Permanente nurses not only provide exceptional care and service, but they are also teachers, innovators, and leaders. We’re excited to share that Betty Rice, RN, Director, Health Plan Clinical Operations, District of Columbia and Suburban Maryland (DCSM), has won the National Kaiser Permanente Outstanding Nurse Leader Award. Betty will be honored at the Annual Nursing Conference, May 14-15, in Anaheim, CA. She was also recognized at our regional Nursing Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 6.

“It is thrilling and humbling to be chosen to receive such an honor for the work that I do,” Betty said. “My career as a nurse has been incredibly fulfilling, impacting lives in important and very meaningful ways. I am grateful for the privilege and the opportunity to work in such a caring profession that not only promotes good health, but also fosters trust, innovation and leadership.”

Betty was nominated by Carla Wolfner, Director, Clinical Resource Management Team. “Betty exemplifies nursing leadership by creating a culture of innovation, focused on quality, service, and employee engagement. With the right mix of positivity, the ability to tap into others’ strengths and thinking outside the box, Betty has created and sustained a set of widely successful programs,” Carla wrote in her nomination submission.

Below are just a few testaments of Betty’s leadership in this region:

  • Developed and implemented regionwide best practices for Clinical Assistant staffing and in-basket management;
  • Drove DCSM to lead the MAS region with 97-100% safety rounding compliance and 100% for monthly safety committee meetings year over year;
  • Developed and led the first front-and-center walk-in flu clinics, which has led to a program-leading member flu vaccination rate of 52% in 2019; and
  • Mentored and guided new leaders in the organization to ensure succession and a supportive working environment.

Congratulations to Betty on this accomplishment. Thank you to Betty and all of the amazing nurses at KP who always put our members first.

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