KPAAPA Mid-Atlantic States Gears Up for Success in 2017


Inspiring speakers help KPAAPA set tone for the year

The Kaiser Permanente African American Professional Association (KPAAPA) Employee Resource Group held its first general body meeting of 2017, and celebrated Black History Month, Tuesday, February 28. Members and prospective members listened to inspiring guests like Kaiser Permanente Director, Stakeholder Relations, Destiny-Simone Ramjohn, Ph.D. and Sana’ Rasul, PHR who leads a networking company called HR Girlfriends, a human resource networking community of women.

The title of Dr. Ramjohn’s discussion was ‘Leadership through Gumdrop Moments.’ Ramjohn recounted a conversation with a colleague who is now a New York Times Best Selling author. Ramjohn and her colleague spoke about perseverance and the importance of following your dreams. During the conversation, Ramjohn offered the colleague a gumdrop and advice on relentlessly pursuing her passion.

“It was such an eye-opening and transformative moment for me, to realize that maybe the biggest impact I’d ever had on anyone’s life, a moment that had a woman walk up to me two years later and say, “You’ve been an important person in my life,” was a moment that I didn’t even remember,” said  Ramjohn.

Dubbed a “gumdrop moment”, a moment where someone says or does something that fundamentally makes your life better, Ramjohn advised the audience to create more “gumdrop moments” for others.

“Let’s redefine leadership not as something hardly anybody can do, but something everyone can do, and that might begin with a gumdrop.”

Ramjohn was recently recognized by the National Association of Health Services Executives (pictured center below), Baltimore Chapter for her personal commitment to excellence in healthcare, equity, and research to eliminate health disparities.

Sana’ Rasul discussed the importance of bringing your best to your career and focused on three key points she lives by to direct her career trajectory: “Success comes directly form sacrifice; Give, Give, Give (of your skillset); and Honor thyself (Respect your Gut feeling).

“It’s always a pleasure to hear speakers of their caliber. I hope that participants share what they’ve heard with their colleagues, friends and families,” said Anthony Morrison, manager, Kaiser Permanente Underwriting manager.

In addition to the guest speakers, KPAAPA leadership shared the various events that they will support or throughout 2017. Three lucky participants each received an African American Vegan Cookbook to support their 2017 THRIVE goals.

“We want everyone to be informed about the activities KPAAPA will host in the community, and we look forward to their support, and putting our best foot forward to meet the goals KPAAPA has set for the year,” said Morrison.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of KPAAPA Mid-Atlantic States or would like additional information about ERGs, please click here. For volunteer information visit the KP Cares website.



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