Kaiser Permanente: A Safe Place to Give and Receive Care


In this LinkedIn post, Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson shares his note to employees, stressing that Kaiser Permanente will continue to do its part to make sure our communities are healthy, safe, and inclusive.

We care for the world within Kaiser Permanente, inclusive of all people, ethnicities, cultures, faith, religions, and gender identity. As a health care organization that is respected internationally, Kaiser Permanente takes care of millions of people who put their lives in our hands. Our members trust we will keep them healthy or return them to health, while respecting the differences that are fundamental to our strength as a nation.

Our 11 million members – and our employees and physicians – represent the wonderful and rich diversity of our communities across the country. It is this diversity that defines America, a nation built by immigrants who have come here from places around the world to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You’ve often heard me talk about speaking up when something must be said. As the leader of an organization with a long and rich history of embracing diversity and inclusion, I am sharing my concern about the Executive Order issued on Friday evening.

View the LinkedIn post.

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