Happy World Breastfeeding Week!


By Francesca Klahr

Are you looking for ways to prevent diseases like diabetes, asthma and breast cancer in your community? Are you interested in reducing harm to the environment by learning about a no-cost organic food that is a perfect source of nutrition?

If so, you may be interested in learning more about breastfeeding.  World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated around the world, the first week of August. It is a great time to learn more!  Current research on breastfeeding shows it provides great support to the immune system, lowering the risk of allergies, asthma, childhood cancers like leukemia, diabetes, ear infections, GI and respiratory infections, and SIDS in breastfed infants.  There is also a lower risk of breast, thyroid and ovarian cancer in the breastfeeding mother.  On a larger scale breastfeeding helps keep our communities clean and our air fresh, as no waste is made to create, transport or deliver breast milk.  It’s the ultimate local food source and we all benefit!

We at Kaiser are in a unique position to support our members by encouraging breastfeeding and supporting it as the norm for infant feeding.  When pregnant or breastfeeding members come to you, you can do them a world of good by simply validating and encouraging breastfeeding.

The staff at the Newborn Care Center, which officially began seeing patients in November 2016, in DCSM, is your in-house team of experts on newborn care and breastfeeding.  Our program is now expanding throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and is an excellent resource for you and our members. We are the first members of the Kaiser team to provide care to our youngest members and their families, by performing the first newborn assessment after discharge from the hospital.  Beyond these assessments, we provide ongoing supportive care for any breastfeeding family.

Some of the Touch Points that are addressed in the visit with a Lactation Consultant

  • Newborn physical exam
  • Feeding on demand and feeding cues
  • Positioning and Latch
  • Common newborn concerns including when to call the doctor
  • Establishing and maintaining milk supply
  • Pump basics
  • Returning to work

You can have members call and leave a message on the Lactation line and a staff member from the Newborn Care Center will return their call within 24 hours. If you need a consult for a member or have a question about breastfeeding, feel free to send a message to the Lactation pool:

DCSM Lactation line 1-866-264-4766  P DCSM Lactation nurse
NOVA Lactation line 703-922-1469  P NOVA Lactation nurse
BALT Lactation line 410-737-5464  P BALT Lactation nurse


Region Centers- Floor, Days of the Week


Nia Williams Baltimore Columbia Gate-   Peds 1st     M, W, F

South Balt-           Peds 4th     T, Th, Sat

White Marsh-       Peds 2nd     Sun

Princess “Rani” Aslam Baltimore CG/SOUTH BALT No CA
Lyra Hosford Baltimore CG/SOUTH BALT No CA
Dionna Boston DCSM GAITH-                 Peds 5th     M, W, F, Sat

KEN-                     Peds 3rd     T, Th

Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Edu
Vacant DCSM Largo–                 OB 4th       M, W, F, Sun

Camp Springs-     Peds 1st     T, Th

Kierra Taylor


Lori Franklin DCSM Cap Hill-               OB 7th     M, W, F

Ped 8th (July 10th)

Prince George-     Peds 1st     T, Th

Int Med (Vision room #1606)

Kelly Jordan
Cecilia Parajon DCSM On-call Betty Vinson
Darlene Silver DCSM Float
Amy Valenzuela NOVA Woodbridge-       Peds 1st     M, W, F, Sat

Fredericksburg-     Peds 3rd     T, Th

Racquel Charles-Hinds
Jennifer Amonoo-Harrison NOVA Springfield-         Peds 8th     M, T, F

Fair Oaks-           Peds 2nd     W, Th

Wendy Vargas
Theophiline Ebiasah NOVA Manassas-           Peds 1st     M, W, F

Ashburn-             Peds 1st       T, Th

Mary “Frances” Desierto
Vacant NOVA Falls Church-       Peds 1st     M, W, F

Reston-               Peds 2nd      T, Th

Marieka Smith
Francesca Klahr NOVA Float
Kathleen Donovan NOVA On-Call


*Tysons and White Marsh are Sunday only sites

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