Gaithersburg Medical Center Hosts “County Fair”-Themed Game Day


In September, staff at the Gaithersburg Medical Center got into the “county fair” fun and games spirit with a themed wellness event that got everyone involved outdoors during the early fall weather. Since every fair has attractions and food, event leader D’Jai Christie focused on different facets of Live Well Be Well to use as attractions to earn tickets. For example, for Healthy Eating, they got healthy subs from Subway; for Healthy Community, they accepted donations of school supplies or canned food items (1 ticket); for Instant Recess, the team came up with an obstacle course including jump rope, hula hoop, and crawling through a tunnel(1 ticket); for Emotional Health and Wellness, the team did Breathing Exercises (1 ticket); and for Prevention, employees could get flu shots (1 ticket).

While brainstorming for the event, the idea of a dunk tank came up. Tickets were required to “dunk” a manager, and 1 ticket got you 3 balls. They also held a walk-a-thon simultaneously, and each lap completed earned 1 ticket. The staff who participated had a great time! Check out some photos from the event below.


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