Diabetes Wellness Day By the Numbers


By Ben Thrutchley

Know your numbers. That was the theme for this year’s Diabetes Wellness Day, where attendees were called upon to engage with key numbers in their lives — from the steps they take, to their A1C levels. These numbers help our diabetic members form a picture of their total health.

In the vein of number recording, we want to share some impressive statistics from Diabetes Wellness Day:

  • 1,200 people, including volunteers, attended the all-day event
  • 100 attendees received feet check ups
  • 60 attendees received retinal scans
  • 50 physicians, diabetes wellness educators and nurses provided support and guidance
  • 20 wellness activities and educational workshops were performed
  • 5 Health Expo exhibits educated attendees about healthy living options or how to access care
  • 1 amazing day fostered friendship and community among our members with diabetes

All of those numbers are meaningful to us. But, we’re especially proud of one number: 95%. That is the percent of attendees who were satisfied or very satisfied with Diabetes Wellness Day. This strong support is reflected in comments from members saying:

“I’m so happy that Kaiser cares enough about its members to host such an event. […] My husband and I were very impressed, and happy that we attended. We look forward to learning more about controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. We are also actively seeking cooking classes.”

Or this feedback from another attendee:

“It was a most rewarding day. The classes and demonstrations were excellent. It was great to see and talk with other diabetics. The staff was very pleasant, courteous, and helpful.”

Our numbers reflect Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to building healthier lives and stronger communities. We can’t wait to tally them next year during Diabetes Wellness Day 2017.

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