Are You Proud to Be KP?

New Be KP Advocate Training on KP Learn Helps you spread the word aobut Kaiser Permanente.

You’re paying for your groceries and the store clerk notices your Kaiser Permanente ID badge.

“I’ve heard a lot about Kaiser Permanente,” she says, “but I really don’t understand why some people think it’s so great. What’s your take?”

As employees and physicians, chances are you’re often asked about Kaiser Permanente. Do you feel equipped to answer KP questions confidently and comfortably? Every interaction you have when representing Kaiser Permanente is an opportunity to build member and customer loyalty — and encourage people to join us. The new Be KP Advocate Training is designed to help you do this with confidence and ease.

The training is especially designed to walk you through some scenarios to build your knowledge of our brand and share your experiences and stories.

In a lively experience — that’s less than 30 minutes — you will learn simple, easy-to-remember messages that help you talk about Kaiser Permanente on the job, in a social setting, or in the community. You also will learn tips and resources for being a Be KP Advocate, as well as understand how you can advocate in a way that is most comfortable for you.

Plus, if you can’t take the training in one sitting, you can save and come back to it later.

YOU make Kaiser Permanente’s brand come alive

With a workforce more than 200,000 employees strong, Kaiser Permanente has a significant opportunity to help employees say great things about us.

“Word of mouth from people who know the organization is powerful and, as an employee or physician, you are what makes our brand come alive,” said Christine Paige, senior vice president for Marketing and Digital Services.

There are many ways to be an advocate

It all starts with the basics. The new training provides visual images that will help employees understand and talk about the fundamentals of our organization and what makes KP stand out from other health care organizations.

Then it’s about what makes you passionate about Kaiser Permanente. Is it KP’s quality, or is it KP’s involvement in the community? Or maybe it’s about emphasis on total health and preventive care?

To Charisse Braxton, a health service administrator here in the Mid-Atlantic States Region, advocating about KP is easiest when she talks about her firsthand experience as a KP member with our integrated health care system.

“A while back I had one of the scariest health care moments in my life, but the care I received at Kaiser Permanente was absolutely amazing,” she said. “My care team walked me through everything I needed to do and the process was seamless. I want people to know about how our integrated health system works and why I am so passionate about KP. Using my personal experience is an easy way to talk about it.”

Get started

Already taken the Be KP Advocate Training?

Then you know how great it was! Please encourage your colleagues to do the same so they can be ready to share their KP knowledge and story, too.

Click here to watch a video on tips to advocate about Kaiser Permanente in a way that works best for you.

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