Amazing Teamwork Results in New Online Photographic Tours of all Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States Medical Centers


Shady_Grove_virtual_tour_screen_capMany people throughout our region have been working for months to create virtual tours of each of our medical centers and make them available online. They’re now all completed — in time for open enrollment season.

The tours are the result of a special collaboration across many people on our facilities teams, in the marketing communications department, among staff and physicians who work in each facility, the Kaiser Permanente national web search team, and the vendor. Clare Callaghan, our web consultant in the marketing communications department, led the effort.

The ability for people to see inside our buildings is important. For years, non-members have found our buildings to be a mystery. Lack of understanding has contributed to some perceptions that we run clinics, are good only at preventive medicine, etc. Now, people can see exactly what we have to offer and, while touring, will understand something about the breadth of services we offer.

There are two types of tours. One is a set of still images and the other enables users to see 360-degree views inside each facility. Take some tours by:

  • Visiting any of our facility pages on Look to the right under “about this location” in the green heading and click.
  • Visiting and clicking in the orange on “Locate a Facility.”

You can also see how the tours are served up to users on Google. As an example, go to Google and search for “Kaiser Permanente Tysons Corner.” You’ll see a typical list of search results on the left, but on the right, you’ll see information that enables you to click through to see the still photos or the 360-degree tours.

More people are now seeing inside our buildings online than has ever been possible. As they tour, they are also gaining understanding about the breadth of the services and expertise we provide.

Take a tour, tell your friends and neighbors, and share your passion for how Kaiser Permanente delivers care!

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