A Shining Example of Kaiser Permanente’s Mission and Spirit


Margaret Shipley, RN, is the true definition of a caring nurse. Margaret really embraces the Kaiser Permanente spirit by advocating for a family atmosphere among colleagues and coordinating medical center luncheons and activities, frequently using her own money.

A great example of Margaret’s caring nature and how she goes above and beyond her role as a nurse is how she treats her patients. When a new Kaiser Permanente patient was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Margaret navigated the patient through the process of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. She gave the patient the love and support, and this patient will never forget that. Margaret’s caring attitude and knowledge gave the patient additional strength to get through this difficult time.

Margaret’s warm and cheerful attitude helps her give Kaiser Permanente members the best experience at every interaction, but helps motivate her colleagues in the Internal Medicine department at the Annapolis Medical Center as well. Her willingness to go above and beyond is transparent by her enthusiasm to help meet and exceed Kaiser Permanente’s goals.

Thank you, Margaret, for everything you do to care for Kaiser Permanente members and patients!

Margaret (Peggy) Shipley, Lead Nurse
Family Practice, covering OB/GYN
Internal Medicine
Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States

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