2017 Thrive Marketing Campaign Launches, Features KPMAS ‘Celebrities’


Each year at this time, Kaiser Permanente prepares for open enrollment season by flooding the airwaves with inspirational messages about what makes us special. While we always look forward to seeing the Thrive content interspersed between our favorite shows, this year’s campaign will be particularly exciting because it will feature two recognizable faces from the Mid-Atlantic region. Dr. Michael Stone, an interventional radiologist based out of Tysons Medical Center, and Dr. Dana Sloane, a gastroenterologist based out of South Baltimore Medical Center, will be featured in one of the commercials that will air nationwide starting in September.

A total of at least four television spots – in addition to a wide range of radio, online and out-of-home ads – will comprise this year’s open enrollment campaign. The first television spot is one we’ve seen before in this region: “Roomies.” The purpose of this ad is to illustrate the value of our integrated, team-based model of care. This ad started running in April and will continue throughout our open enrollment campaign season.

We will see our local celebrities on air starting in mid September, when two brand-new television spots will launch. “Tireless” — which is the spot that features Drs. Stone and Sloane — shines a light on the tireless dedication of Kaiser Permanente specialists, not just for the sake of quality medical care but for the benefit of those whose lives we touch every day. “No Worries” is the second ad that will start in September, and it showcases the impact of a calming, knowledgeable physician as a patient faces a frightening diagnosis. We will send links to both commercials as soon as they are available.

In addition to “Roomies,” “Tireless” and “No Worries,” the campaign will also feature a television spot focused on our leadership in mental health and another one focused on our community health work.

After each theme launches this fall, both English and Spanish versions of the television ads will run continuously through January 2018. We will post each television ad to InsideKP as they become available.

We hope you support the campaign – and our amazing local talent! –by sharing these ads with your friends, families, and neighbors.

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