Introducing the My KP Meds App


We are pleased to announce that we are launching the My KP Meds app, a free medication adherence mobile application, to Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States members later this year. We join the Northern California region as the second region to release the mobile application for our members.

Two key goals in our 2016 Operating Plan are providing exceptional care and delivering an extraordinary patient experience. Digital tools like My KP Meds can help us achieve these goals because they make it easier for our members to stay compliant with their often-complicated prescription drug regimens.

As we prepare to launch the My KP Meds app for our members, we are implementing a soft launch of the app for our employees (who are Kaiser Permanente members). We highly encourage all employees to download the app today via Google Play or the Apple App Store and use it to manage your current, new Kaiser Permanente prescribed medications, or add your OTC medications.

More information about My KP Meds app

With your medications and your personalized schedule, Kaiser Permanente makes it easy to stay on top of your health 24/7. Taking multiple doses or multiple medications throughout the day? Keep track of what to take – and when by using the My KP Meds app.

Below are a few features of the My KP Meds app:

  • View your current Kaiser Permanente medications; manage schedules and track doses with a few simple clicks
  • View dose history and easily edit alerts including date, time, and action required
  • Receive updates to your Kaiser Permanente medications list directly from your Kaiser Permanente electronic medical record with every launch of the app
  • Click to call for questions or advice related to symptoms or to contact your doctor
  • Add a photo of the pill or bottle to help identify each medication
  • Store notes or instructions about each medication
  • Customize your alerts and other settings
  • Share your medication list and summary of use with others such as caregivers or family members

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