Kaiser Permanente Launched President’s Fitness Challenge with the Washington Nationals


As part of our sponsorship with the Washington Nationals, Kaiser Permanente launched the President’s Fitness Challenge at Nationals Park and at the Library of Congress, the week of August 17. The President’s Fitness Challenge is a benefit received from our sponsorship with the Washington Nationals and is a jumping jacks competition between participants and the Washington Nationals President mascots.

On Thursday, August 20, more than 120 Library of Congress employees participated in the President’s Fitness Challenge which was a part of the organization’s Inaugural Family Health and Wellness Day. As such the focus of the day was fitness, and Library of Congress employees were encouraged to “out jump” Washington Nationals mascot, the 272 year-old president Thomas “Tom” Jefferson, in a jumping jack competition. The President jumped 43 jumping jacks in thirty seconds, and participants had to beat his record. Federal employees who beat the President’s record won a pair of Kaiser Permanente branded sunglasses.

On Friday, August 21, Kaiser Permanente debuted the President’s Fitness Challenge at Nationals Park. Fans and game attendees came out in clusters to take the challenge to out jump 157 year-old Nationals mascot, President Teddy. The President jumped 40 jumping jacks in thirty seconds, and similar to the Library of Congress event, participants had to jump more than 40 jumping jacks in 30 seconds to out jump the youngest President in our nation’s history. The competition was intense, and in the end more than 170 fans and game attendees rose to the occasion to engage with Kaiser Permanente and participate in the challenge. Those who out jumped Teddy won $5 in Nationals bucks.

Kaiser Permanente is An Official Health Care + Coverage Partner of the Washington Nationals.


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